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Pro-plus Hosting Package

Pro-plus hosting is ideal for the business website user, who wants to build up his site with more options.

This package includes...

250mb Web Space
250mb of web-space, enough for most websites.

100 Email POP3 Accounts
100 POP3 email accounts, also accessible via a web based email system.

100 Email Auto Responders
Auto response messages, that can be changed at any time from your control panel. Let people know when your on holiday or away from your desk.

20 Sub Domains
You can create up to 20 sub-domains (in the format something.your-domain.com) to create separate areas or websites on your account.

20 MySQL Databases
Each Proplus account comes with full support for mySQL databases and includes 20 databases as standard. You can create as many tables in the database as your site requires.

Email Forwarding
Free email forwarding, should you already have an email account with your ISP, use your domain name to forward email to your main account without disclosing your main email address.

24/7 Fast FTP Access
Full access to upload and modify all files on your web-site 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with no restrictions on uploads/downloads.

PHP3 & PHP4 Support
Full support for the latest versions of PHP.

Graphical Web Usage Stats
Free access to full graphical statisticts about your website and it's visitors, including the number of visitors by the hour, day and month. Information on search engine keywords, pages referring to your site and 'country of origin' statisticts.

FrontPage Extensions
Free FrontPage extensions on your account, allowing you to publish and manage your account using Microsoft FrontPage.

Perl, CGI and SSI Support
Full support on all accounts for custom Perl/CGI scripts, along with Server Side Includes (SSI/SHTML scripting support)

Unlimited Support
Get support when you need it, by email and our control panel helpdesk.

Personal Control Panel
Using our cutting edge control panel system, cPanel, you can manage every aspect of your account online, in real-time.

And Much More
All accounts come with a wide selection of other features, find out more here.

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