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The following Privacy statement details the practices and policies of Costahosting website (that's us):

What we keep in our records may keep records of any of the following information:
Email Address - Once you're a member of Costahosting AllTheTraffic, we may periodically send you a newsletter about our most recent updates and changes. If you chose to remove your account, your email address and all other information will be removed from our system. In the event of a system crash where we may inadvertedly back-up to where you still existed, you may contact us to help us correct this mistake.

Email Policy will never give out or sell your email address to anybody else without your consent before doing so. To everyone outside of the administration you are merely a statistic used to show off how popular the site is. Within the site, other users may see your username but no personally identifying information with it.

Cookies may require the use of cookies to store login session information. Our website uses its own in-built advertising system which ensures that you should get no third-party cookies installed from them. In respect to use sites, while you are surfing there is nothing we can do to stop external websites from storing cookies on your computer, and if you experience problems thanks to a member's website, a report link is provided.

Security / Financial Information
No financial information is stored on the Costahosting servers. All financial transactions are looked after by secure outside companies (paypal, egold, etc)

Any users may opt-out by removing their account. This can be done be emailing

If you have any questions, contact support using: this form

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